Maria Olivero


“Still My Heart Beats” is a music concept (original music and storytelling) created by Maria Olivero
dedicated to the incredible Josephine Baker's story;
dedicated to the women who follow their hearts' intuition with no compromises, to free women.

Josephine Baker is one of the most significant figures of the 20th century:
artistic innovator and tenacious advocate in the defence of human rights,
she contributed considerably to the great issues of the 20th Century.
The life of Josephine Baker: the stunning career and complex personality of the first black showgirl that the world acclaimed.
Throughout the show, the story is told through words and the original music and songs of Maria Olivero performed live.
But Baker’s story cannot be told without a sense of the social context the 1920s,
especially the artistic and cultural dynamism of the French “Roaring 20s”,
the devastation of the war and the social urges of the post-war years:
times that called for action, times that called for strong decisions and activism.
Baker steps in the frontline: she makes her voice heard against childlabour and racism:
she takes part in the March on Washington in 1963, giving a powerful speech.
Music and concept by Maria Olivero, Storytelling by Alice Salvoldi, Theremin played by Lorenzo Giordano